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What The Hen!

What The Hen!

Welcome to What The Hen!, a charming cartoon-style game that invites you to a world of whimsy and fun. Prepare for an exciting adventure filled with unique heroes, intense clan competitions, outrageous boss battles, addictive Arena duels, and a collection of amusing collectible character cards.

How To Play

To play What The Hen!, get ready to join in an epic quest to capture the mad chicken wizard and unleash its incredible magical powers. There are hundreds of levels to conquer, thousands of thrilling 1-on-1 Arena battles, and the ability to customize your avatar.

In this game, you'll have the chance to collect over 70 wacky Heroes and Heroines, ranging from dwarves and elves to goblins and robots. Join in the adventurous Campaign mode, where you'll face off against the craziest bosses you can imagine. Defeat them to progress further and uncover the secrets of this whimsical world.

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