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Stickman Hot Potato

Stickman Hot Potato

Get ready for a simple yet thrilling game with Stickman Hot Potato! In this game, your role is to pass the hot potato to your opponent’s field as quickly as possible and try your best not to be burned by it! Don’t hold the potato for too long or you will know the consequences!

Stickman Hot Potato features competitive and fast-paced gameplay, making it a great choice to pass time! The game is also extremely simple; all players have to do is take control of the stickman and help him throw the hot potato to the opponent’s field. If you hold the potato when the timer is up, your opponent will gain points!

How To Play

Use arrow keys to move to the potato and toss it off your court. If it stays in your court for over 3 seconds, you’ll be scored on!

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