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Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Ways To Die is a hilarious game where your main goal is to survive for as long as possible by avoiding ridiculous ways to meet your demise. Once you hit the "Play" button, you'll encounter a series of short, timed episodes where you must protect the lives of adorable yet incredibly curious characters. But beware, the challenges become more difficult the longer you survive.


In Dumb Ways To Die, each character finds themselves in perilous situations. Your job is to prevent them from pass away, and you earn points for doing so. Every lovable and eccentric character represents a different mini-game, and they face various types of death scenarios. When you complete a game, you receive 100 points and move on to the next round. Sometimes, you may receive bonus points or deductions randomly, which are unrelated to your actual performance.


You'll encounter a range of mini-games with different characters. Since the stages appear randomly, it's unlikely that you'll play through all of them in a single game. Dumb Ways To Die Original features a total of 15 mini-games. You might have to avoid a bear, swat bees away from someone's face, clean vomit off the screen, or use a fork to retrieve toast from a toaster. 

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