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Groomy Island

Groomy Island

Welcome to Groomy Island, a thrilling new 3D horror-survival game where your sole objective is to survive and collect all 10 Grimace Shakes. In this exciting adventure, you'll find yourself on a mysterious island inhabited by terrifying Gloomy monsters. Your mission is to help the character escape from this perilous place.

How To Play

As you explore the island, the area where your character is located will be displayed on the screen. Take control of your hero using the provided control keys. Navigate through the island, searching for special objects that will aid in your journey back home. Be cautious, as you'll encounter monsters along the way. Run and hide from them to avoid being caught. If they capture your hero, he will perish, and you'll lose the round in Groomy Island. Keep an eye on the MiniMap to assist in navigation.

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