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Fireboy and Watergirl 1 Forest Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl 1 Forest Temple

Fireboy And Watergirl 1 Forest Temple is the first game in the adventure game series called "Fireboy and Watergirl." It's a fun and clever game designed for two players, where you can improve your thinking, problem-solving skills, collaboration, and friendship.

The game takes you on a journey with Fireboy and Watergirl, who find themselves stranded in a forest temple. They must find the quickest path through 32 challenging levels. Each level is like an adventure puzzle that requires concentration and teamwork between the two players controlling the adorable characters. You'll need to jump over ramps, navigate obstacles, move objects, and operate buttons and levers.

To complete a level, Fireboy and Watergirl must reach and stand in front of the exit doors. Collecting all the blue and red diamonds will earn you the highest rank for that level. Time is also important if you want to achieve the fastest time and rank on each level. Pay attention to the timer displayed at the top of the screen and practice until you become the fastest.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move Fireboy.
  • Use A, W, and D to move Watergirl.


  • Make use of each character's unique abilities to overcome specific obstacles.
  • Be cautious of the green goo, as it can harm both Fireboy and Watergirl.
  • Assign Fireboy to collect the red diamonds and Watergirl to collect the blue diamonds.
  • Remember that levers will remain in place once you pull them, but buttons will not. Keep this in mind as you progress through the levels.
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