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Vex 8

Vex 8

Put your maneuvering skills to the ultimate test with Vex 8, a thrilling platform game that challenges players to overcome a series of tricky obstacle courses!

If you think that normal casual games are too mundane for you, wait until you try Vex 8! As the eighth installment of the Vex game series, players can expect to try again and again to overcome tricky contraptions! Make use of old and new mechanics to reach the green portal in each level, and hone your timing skills and techniques at the same time! Do you have what it takes to complete all levels without crashing into obstacles?

Vex 8 vs. Vex 7: What’s the Difference?

As the predecessor to the highly-loved Vex 7, Vex 8 appears to be more polished when it comes to graphics and controls. Both games feature a selection screen made as a simple obstacle course, but Vex 8 boasts a more intuitive design in comparison to Vex 7. Better yet, players don’t necessarily need to get past a series of risky jumps to change the appearance of their stickmen. The skin menu, level selection, and so on can all be accessed within the toolbar on the screen.

Players may remember spending tons of coins to get their favorite look with the random skin spinner in Vex 7, but not anymore! In Vex 8, you can browse all the available skins for your stickman and unlock them with the right currency. This game also introduces two more currencies: the silver and gold VIP cards, which are used to unlock new areas and rare skins.

Cosmetics aside, the Tower mode of Vex 7 has now been replaced with the Endless mode in Vex 8. In this mode, players can spend plenty of time sharpening their timing and jumping skills by overcoming a series of hazardous contraptions. A completely new obstacle course is available each time players access this mode, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging!

History of the Vex Game Series

The Vex game series began amid the peak of Flash-based browser games with its first three installments and continued all the way to the HTML5 era. The series stands apart from other games thanks to its difficult gameplay that utilizes simple controls perfectly. It is no easy task to win the games, but the satisfaction is immeasurable once you manage to complete each level. This challenging yet addictive aspect of the series contributes to its enduring popularity.

Vex 1

As the first game in the series, Vex 1 has managed to gather a player base almost immediately, thanks to its difficulty curve and intuitive controls. Each level introduces engaging mechanics while not making it too overwhelming for players to learn, and it gets harder as they progress in the game.

Vex 2

Vex 2 keeps the core gameplay of the first game and introduces new features and more fluid graphics. Players can have plenty of time to find the best way to overcome a series of obstacles, and the room for error shrinks as they advance to the next level.

Vex 3

Vex 3 is the last game in the Vex series to be a Flash-based game. As such, it features greatly enhanced controls and animations. The levels are designed with challenging obstacles and utilize different mechanics extremely well.

Vex 4

With HTML5 as its programming language, Vex 4 manages to impress the player base once again. With its smooth graphics and animations, along with better control responsiveness, the game manages to take the existing features of the series to a new level.

Vex 5

Vex 5 brings just as much fun as the previous games in the series. Players can put their quick reflexes and maneuvering skills to the test with 10 new levels. In addition, players can access hardcore versions of the level once they manage to complete it within a specific time limit.

Vex 6

Vex 6 keeps the signature features of the series, and so players can expect their stickmen to be slashed, crushed, and decapitated by traps and obstacles that appear in every corner. There are three different objectives at each level to challenge your skills.

Vex 7

Vex 7 put players through yet another series of punishing but fun obstacle courses. There are not many improvements in comparison to the last game, but the game can still steel the resolve and patience of players exceptionally well!

Vex 8

As the latest game in the series, Vex 8 brings about more fluid animation and controls than ever! Apart from nine new levels, players can hone their timing skills with the new Infinity mode.

How To Play

Gameplay Basics

The game begins with players navigating the stickman inside the selection screen, which is a tutorial-like obstacle course by itself. Vex 8 features nine levels, which are also called "acts." Players can access each level by progressing inside the selection screen, but some levels may need completion from the previous levels to be unlocked. In addition, players can collect trophies hidden in the secret areas and challenge their skills in the brand new Infinite mode.

Players’ main goal inside each level is to reach the green portal safely by overcoming all manner of contraptions, such as circular saw blades and spikes. Whenever the stickman collides with obstacles, he will return to the nearest checkpoint. Don’t forget to collect coins and VIP cards on your way to customize your character and unlock new areas!


To control your stickman, use either the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move around. Press the up arrow key or the W key to jump up, and the down arrow key or the S key to crouch down. The stickman can perform these actions depending on how you press the buttons:

  • To slide past obstacles, the stickman needs to move first for extra momentum before crouching down to slide.
  • To jump between narrow walls, the stickman can jump to a wall and hold onto it for a few seconds before bouncing off to the opposite wall.
  • To grab onto ledges, the stickman needs to barely reach the block, but not enough to jump on it. Afterwards, he can jump again to get on the block.


  • Adrenaline-packed and fast-paced gameplay!
  • Simple but hard to master controls!
  • Get past dangerous obstacles flawlessly, or risk being torn into pieces!
  • Spice up your stickman’s appearance with a myriad of skin options!
  • Unlock different achievements—either on purpose or by chance!

Tips and Tricks

  • Aim for the right timing: In Vex 8, it is crucial that players can find the best timing to get past a series of obstacles, and the game only gets harder as they progress. Fortunately, there are checkpoints available, so players can pick up their pace after mishaps fairly quickly.
  • There is more than one way to get into trouble: Apart from being torn apart by the dangerous obstacles, the stickman can fail if he falls from somewhere too high. He can also pass out from diving too long underwater, so don’t forget to check his oxygen level!
  • Don’t try to rush through the levels: Unless you are a veteran Vex player, it is best that you take your time to overcome obstacles after having observed its movement pattern. Furthermore, some levels require their previous ones to be completed, so players should prioritize progressing through them first. Remember that you can replay the levels at any time if you want to set new records!
  • Practice makes perfect: Like any other skill-based game, Vex 8 requires a little bit of time and dedication from players to get really good at overcoming obstacles. Take your time finding the right timing, learning the movement pattern of each obstacle, and practicing as much as you want!

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