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Vex 5

Vex 5

Prepare to reunite with the adorable Stickman in Vex 5, the fifth platform game in the Vex series. Your goal is to navigate from one platform to another while avoiding dangerous obstacles like buzzsaws, spikes, and crumbling blocks. If you've played the previous games in the series, you'll feel right at home in this thrilling new installment. Finish each level, referred to as acts, to progress through the game.

As the agile and speedy Stickman, you must run and jump to reach the flags, which serve as checkpoints. Touching a flag turns it green and saves your progress. Learn a variety of useful moves and tricks, such as wall climbing and kicking away crates, to overcome every obstacle in your path.

How To Play

Game Modes

  1. Standard Levels: Vex 5 features 10 stages in its Standard game mode, increasing in difficulty as you progress. The mazes become more intricate, and the traps become more challenging.
  2. Challenge Room: The challenge room offers a 30-level, timed marathon of deadly puzzles. You'll face a timer and a death count. With each restart, the order of the challenges changes, putting your instinctive abilities to the test.

Game Controls

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Press R to restart a level.

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