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Vex 7

Vex 7

Get ready for more Vex fun with the 7th installment of the series, Vex 7. This game is both entertaining and challenging, requiring you to use parkour moves to navigate through deadly obstacles as a stickman. Watch out for spikes, shooting knives, falling blocks, and other dangers!

How to Play

Similar to previous versions of Vex, your goal is to complete levels by running, jumping over obstacles, and avoiding deadly traps like spikes and treacherous swimming pools. In this new action-packed edition, you'll collect coins along the way to unlock different views and features from the in-game store. You can also customize your character with new skins. Additionally, there are daily tasks and bonus stages available for earning extra coins. This edition introduces exciting new options, including different types of obstacles, skins, and challenging bonus levels.

Game Controls

  • Move left or right using A/D or left/right arrow keys.
  • Jump by pressing W or the up arrow key.
  • Crouch by pressing S or the down arrow key.

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