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Vex 6

Vex 6

Welcome to Vex 6, the sixth installment in the exciting Vex platform game series! Get ready for new features and challenges that await you in this game. Your mission is to navigate through tricky traps and obstacles, aiming to reach the end of each level!

How To Play

  1. Just like in the previous Vex games, you'll encounter a variety of deadly contraptions that will slash, splat, and decapitate you. To improve and reduce deaths, keep playing until you master the techniques and perfect your timing.
  2. Vex 6 offers various bonuses. Each level has three objectives, including collecting a certain number of coins and completing the stage without dying. Additionally, there's a daily bonus stage with different rooms and tasks to complete.
  3. Use your hard-earned Vex coins and bonus stars to purchase cool new skins for your Vex character. The skins shop offers a range of fabulous costumes with varying rarity to unlock.

Game Controls

  • Move left or right using AD or the left/right arrow keys.
  • Jump by pressing W or the up arrow key.
  • Crouch by pressing S or the down arrow key (to enter an act).

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