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Vex 4

Vex 4

Welcome to Vex 4, the fourth installment of the popular game series. In this game, your mission is to guide a stickman through each level by running, jumping, and sliding past obstacles until you reach the exit.

The game retains its familiar visual style and gameplay mechanics. You can run, jump, slide, wall climb, and even swim to overcome the various obstacles in your path. An exciting new feature in Vex 4 is the ghost recorder, which allows you to record your movements in the levels. It's an optional feature, but it's pretty cool to check out and see your previous runs.

How To Play

Control the stickman as you navigate through mechanical traps and intricate mazes. Aim to reach the checkpoints in each stage. If you fail, you can restart from the last checkpoint. Be prepared to jump from various heights and navigate dangerous obstacles. Along the way, collect various loot that will aid you in completing the adventure.

Vex 4 offers nine acts, nine hard modes, Vexation, and the Challenge Room—a continually expanding room that tests your skills. Run, slide, jump, swim, and more! Let's play Vex 4 and showcase your ingenious skills!

Game Controls

Controls remain the same, and you can choose between using the WASD keys or the arrow keys based on your preference and playing style.

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