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Bob the Robber 3

Bob the Robber 3

Bob The Robber 3 is the third installment of the exciting Bob The Robber series. Your task is to enter rooms and steal important documents to uncover secret services. Bob, our protagonist, receives a letter from a highly classified service. Equipped with the best gear, he takes on a new adventure to uncover hidden locations in a mysterious forest. Your support is crucial as he faces various dangers on this mission.

How To Play

  • Use the AD or left/right arrow keys to move.
  • Press the W or up arrow key to interact.

These control buttons are familiar if you've played the previous volume. Make sure to master them before starting your journey.

Tasks in Bob The Robber 3:

Your objective in this game remains the same: steal valuable items, particularly important pages, and find the exit to escape each room. However, unlike the first part of Bob The Robber where you played as a hero stealing from the rich to help the poor, in this volume, you encounter a mysterious woman who hires you to uncover secret services. 

Ways to Overcome Challenges:

To succeed in Bob The Robber 3, you must avoid being detected by cameras, scientists, and guards. Remember, staying still in the shadows makes you invisible to cameras, scientists, and guards. Be careful not to let the scientists activate the alarm buttons. Each level presents increasing challenges, making it more difficult to complete as you progress. 


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