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Bob The Robber 2

Bob The Robber 2

Welcome back to the unexpected adventure with Bob The Robber 2! Forget the notion that all thieves are bad; Bob is here to prove otherwise. The city is in peril, and with all the other heroes busy, Bob steps up to save the day. Bob's unique role as a thief-turned-savior adds an intriguing twist to this story. He's eager to put his skills to good use, and with your assistance, he can accomplish any daring heist. Prepare to explore the city like never before as you navigate through 10 different levels, each packed with security cameras, guards, trap doors, and more!

In each level, you'll have a specific objective to complete without getting caught. Typically, this involves stealing a particular item. However, obstacles like locked doors, patrolling guards, and security cameras will block your path. 


  • Use your lock pick to open doors and find opportunities to sneak up on guards from behind, knocking them out. 
  • Dealing with security cameras requires careful maneuvering. 
  • Stay in their blind spots directly beneath the pivot point to remain undetected. 
  • You can blend into shadows found in camera rooms. 

As you progress, you'll encounter electronic doors that require circuit board sabotage to unlock. Look out for extra gadgets within the levels or purchase new ones from the shop using the cash you find hidden in each level.

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